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Our History

For over 14 Years Stanton Logistics Ltd has been delivering goods for its customers. With its famous BLUE and WHITE striped livery being recognised in all corners of the United Kingdom.

Stanton Logistics was established in 2007 by Chris McGinley and Chris Allender and was originally named Ltd, it essentially supplied a driver in a truck to support the business peaks experienced by large supermarkets and supermarket chain supply in the Yorkshire region. After several months successfully supporting these sectors we were asked to provide a full transport solution in order to support the regional growth and not just seasonal peaks.

In 2009 Ltd obtained its first Goods Vehicle Operator Licence and started delivering services as a fully fledged transport company. This platform of strong customers allowed us to grow as a temperature controlled transport provider at the same time we saw an opportunity to diversify and won a contract supplying a distribution service to the motor industry with a joint venture with GEFCO UK Ltd supporting Peugeot Citroen and more recently Ford Motor Company and General Motors.

In 2013 The business was rebranded and the name changed to Stanton Logistics Ltd, a name more fitting with the transport sector and named after one of the owners family names. Stanton also moved on to the site of one of its customers, GEFCO UK Ltd in Rotherham.

In January 2015 2AM Management Company Ltd (the holding company) purchased the entire share capital of Stanton Logistics Ltd, this aquisition gave rise to an investment of time, direction and capital to restructure the business for growth.

In January 2017 2AM Management Company Ltd purchased the site from GEFCO UK Ltd, this has given Stanton Logistics Ltd full control of the site and a 15,000sqft warehouse facility, with 21 bay crossdock. This control has secured the businesses future and the jobs of the staff in Rotherham.

In 2019 Stanton Logistics expanded to 3 sites in Rotherham, Newton Aycliffe and Doncaster

In 2021 2AM Management Company Ltd expanded the Rotherham site to provide an additional 12,000sqft for pallet network operations and a further 4,000sqft of warehousing

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